Rental Landlords/Property Managers - Several major NYC landlords have stopped working with small, medium and large brokerages in NYC to switch exclusively to DSA Realty, which now represents over 140 Exclusive rental buildings in NYC.  The DSA Rental Division is lead by co-founder Jesse Rhinier, who is an absolute hawk with regard to every listing entrusted to his Team.  DSA Realty has increased the rent roll and decreased vacancy loss for every Exclusive Landlord they represent.  DSA Realty is simply the best at getting properties rented while eliminating the frustration landlords feel while dealing with most brokers.  Please contact Jesse Rhinier at any time.  Whether you represent one apartment or one hundred buildings, you will find DSA Realty has revolutionized the NYC apartment rental landscape and will make your life easier!

Residential Condo/Co-op Sellers - DSA Realty has a full Sales Division that has had Residential Sales success all throughout Manhattan at every various price point.  If you're looking for a quality salesperson, please contact DSA Realty's Sales Division today.

Rental Landlords / Property Managers

DSA Realty represents over 140 exclusive rental buildings throughout New York City. Firm co-founder and president Jesse Rhiner, whose leadership has resulted in increased rent rolls and lower vacancy rates for every exclusive landlord represented by the firm, leads the rental division. We work closely with every exclusive landlord to ensure that they are receiving maximum returns on their properties. All DSA salespeople receive extensive rental training to ensure that we are marketing your properties for maximum exposure and presenting the most qualified, pre-screened applicants to your buildings.

Residential Condo / Co-op Sellers

DSA Realty’s sales division is staffed with trained and dedicated salespeople to effectively handle all aspects of your exclusive property sale. Our team of residential sales agents has expertise on pricing, marketing, and closing your property. Your agent will prepare a customized marketing plan outlining how to maximize awareness and best promote your home. Our agents will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best price, secure a prompt closing date, and advise and guide you through closing.

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