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Hybrid Agents
– DSA Associates are trained in both Sales and Rentals and have the opportunity to work as “Hybrid Salespeople”.  All DSA Representatives receive top-notch training both in-house and at Broker Heaven under the guidance of Greg Young, who many consider to be the #1 Real Estate Trainer in NYC.  Weekly 1-on-1 sessions are available.

Sales – 
DSA has a full sales department lead by the company Director of Sales, Stephen Love. We also offer high sales splits (70%+) with NO desk fees.  DSA provides a paid advertising budget for all Exclusives Sales Listings.

Rentals – DSA is the #1 sought-after brokerage at which to work for Rental Specialists.  The main reason is that DSA provides the MOST exclusive listings per salesperson per month in NYC.  With an exclusive inventory of over 140 buildings our “Exclusive” agents receive multiple exclusives each and every month.  No other brokerage can offer this incredible advantage!  

DSA Rentals also offers a 4,500 square foot Union Square state-of-the-art Storefront office on the very same block as THREE college dorms!  We have incredible walk-in traffic and exposure.

DSA offers very high splits with NO desk fees or “transaction costs”.  Additionally we offer splits of up to 90% for seasoned veterans.

Select DSA Agents may be given the opportunity to move into Property Management at DSA Management.  At this point, there will also be the potential to be part of building purchases as a Landlord.



•  Union Square storefront office with multiple managers and administrative staff on hands at all times.  Our office is open  7 days a week.

•  NO desk fees or hidden costs

•  Personal desk and phone – Every salesperson has use of their own desk with a computer, VOIP phone, filing cabinet and partitions to provide a quiet speaking environment.

•  Listings Department – DSA Rentals has a full-time Listings Director that keeps our in-house database stocked with the best listings available, all updated regularly.  

•  Low Turnover – DSA Realty has very low turnover meaning most of our agents work at DSA long-term and build full, productive careers!

•  DSA provides the opportunity to capitalize on the DSA Management Retail and Investment portfolio to work in Retail/Commercial and Building purchase/sales.  Almost no other Residential brokerages offer this knowledge and capability.

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